The processes of involvement of older male adults in Men's Sheds community programs

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Reynolds, Kristin A.
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An increasing number of older adults is experiencing mental health problems, which may result from loneliness and social isolation. Although research has noted the positive impact that community programs might have on the social connectedness of older adults, there is a scarcity of research exploring older male adults' experiences in these programs. Men's Sheds, developed in Australia in the 1990's, is one program that integrates older men into the community. Men's Sheds have recently begun in Manitoba, allowing me the opportunity to develop a theoretical model of the processes of involvement of older male adults in this program. I conducted in-depth interviews with Men's Sheds participants (N = 12), and analyzed data using constructivist grounded theory (Charmaz, 2006). Findings provide insight into participants’ experiences throughout their initial, current, and continued involvement in Men’s Sheds, which may serve as a model for community organizations attempting to increase participation among this demographic.
aging, men, loneliness, social isolation, social connectedness, social engagement, involvement, Men's Sheds, community programs