Development of vibration loading profiles for accelerated durability tests of ground vehicles

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Xu, Ke
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The accelerated durability test is an important part for design and manufacturing ground vehicles. It consists of test designed to quantify the life characteristics of a ground vehicle component under normal use conditions by testing the unit at higher stress levels to accelerate the occurrence of failures. The challenge of conducting accelerated durability tests is to create the driven profile. In general, the mission profiles of the accelerated durability test can be generated via the acceleration data of the events experienced by the vehicle during the field test. Accurately separating the time series signal that correlate the load events becomes essential to efficiently generate the mission profiles for the accelerated test analysis. The representative Power Spectrum Density (PSD) profile can be generated based on the mission profiles. Then, the driven profile for the sub-scaled accelerated durability test, i.e., the acceleration data can be generated based on the PSD data.
testing, profiles