Rolling tines – evaluation and simulation using discrete element method

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Mak, Jay
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The objectives of the study were to evaluate the soil disturbances and manure dispersion created by the AerWay aerator in a silt loam soil; and to generate a calibrated and validated soil-tool model using Discrete Element Methods (DEM) that simulate the draft and vertical forces of the aerator. The experimental results showed that a trend indicated that the faster tractor speeds would disturb more soil. After one hour with the manure application rate of 42 000 L/ha, manure was spread to a depth of 250 mm, 200 mm in the forward direction and 100 mm in the lateral direction. The model draft forces had a relative error of 13.4-31.2% when compared to the literature data between 100-150 mm depth while the predicted vertical force was found to linearly increase until 150 mm depth at around 700 N per rolling tine and plateaus until the full insertion of 200 mm.
Liquid manure, Soil, Rolling tine, Discrete element method, PFC3D