Understanding key informants' perceptions of the impact and implementation of school nutrition policy in Manitoba schools: a qualitative case study approach

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Rutherford, Jessica
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Purpose: To evaluate implementation and impact of school nutrition policy (SNP) using a qualitative case study approach. Sample/Setting: participants (n=79) from two elementary schools and one secondary school within one school division in Winnipeg, Manitoba consented to participate. Methods: Perceptions of teachers, parents, administrators, students, custodians, education assistants, and food service operators were explored using observations, interviews and focus groups. Results: Implementation and impact varied between schools. Common barriers include: negative attitudes, inadequate school and community resources and ineffective communication. Major impacts include changes to; food sales and nutrition awareness. Conclusions: Impacts of the SNP have been noted however, barriers need to be addressed to provide schools the best opportunity for success. Each key informants group provided useful insights into implementation and impact of SNP. Implications: This study demonstrates the importance of considering multiple perspectives when evaluating SNP. Results will be useful to policy makers to inform future SNP efforts.
Child nutrition, School nutrition, School policy, nutrition policy