Some problems and attitudes affecting the adjustment of immigrant girls in Canada as shown by a group in the Young Women's Christian Association, Winnipeg

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Harvey, Evelyn Lucille
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Through interviewing a sample of new Canadian girls at the Winnipeg Young Women's Christian Association the writer intended to find those areas in which problems and attitudes were preventing these girls gaining satisfaction for their normal human needs. Interviews, guided by a schedule of questions based on discussions in the lounge program at the Y. W. C. A., were conducted with twenty-eight girls during the spring of 1954. The findings indicated that there were three major areas where the girls found difficulty. These were in relation to culture, job and language. Two minor areas were suggested related to new physical surroundings and a sense of isolation felt by a few girls whose social contacts were extremely limited. Factors of age, length of time in Canada, familial status as indicated by paternal occupation and war experiences did appear to have signifance in this study. It appeared that the size of the sample and the distribution of the girls, in relation to the various catagories within the above factors, eliminated the significance of these factors...