Types of farming and progress of settlers in the Swan River valley

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Parker, Cecil Vivian
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The purpose of this investigation was to ascertain the economic progress made by the settlers and to study the type of farming carried on in the Swan River Valley. In the year 1930 the Canadian Pioneer Problems Committee conducted a survey in Northern Manitoba, the main purpose of which was to discover what progress the settlers had been able to make. Many of the old timers are still resident in this section and attempts were made to secure the financial story of their life's work so that these experiences might be presented in order to aid further settlement. With this material on hand the object of this thesis is to present the facts as discovered in the field. In the course of the analysis certain tendencies appear and these will be noted and presented in the light of the information avialable and in accordance with what appears to be at present logically sound. The purpose of this work may be readily seen when one considers the great need for knowledge of, and investigation into actual cases of settlement in order to shape new policies. It is also evident that a study of an area to present the most common types of farming, sources of income, size of farms, etc., gives useful information for those connected with extension work, rural studies, and agricultural representative work....