A study of the reading problems of the pupils of two grade seven classes in a Winnipeg school

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Vandersteen, Bertha Alida
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This thesis undertakes to report a study of efforts made to improve silent reading throughout two junior high school classes in one school in the city of Winnipeg, to examine the effect of remedial measures applied, and to evaluate the general success attained. At one time it was thought that simple recognition of words constituted learning to read, but now it is generally agreed that reading being a highly complex process, pupils continue to learn additonal reading skills as they develop ability to comprehend sentence meaning and competence in reading. "Reading has evolved from a subject designed to train pupils in correct speech to a subject by means of which children are taught to get meaning from the printed page." The chief purposes for reading have varied from time to time. Methods prior to 1900 in teaching pupils to read stressed development of good oral readers. In the period between 1900 and 1920 the need for both intensive and extensive reading was increased. Studies showed the greater economy and efficiency of silent reading. Since that time there have been many additional changes in the concept of reading...