Cost of living in Winnipeg

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Duncan, Lottie Jane Chapman
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... The cost of living is a subject of peculiar and vital interest to every individual and every group in society today. The struggle for life is becoming keener and the individual is finding stronger competition in the race for life than ever before. people are continually developing new wants, and providing these are wholesome wants, it is a sign of progress. What were luxuries for the last generation are considered necessities for this. Then again, less and less people are directly producing the bulk of their living on the land and more and more are paying for every item of their living in dollars and cents. ... This thesis is a small attempt to gather together the experience of a limited number of people residing in the city of Winnipeg who are interested in the subject itself, and are possessed of sufficient public spirit to contribute something from their experience. The families contributing range in income, it is judged, from $1800 to $3500, with one exception which is somewhat lower... Family expenditures are usually classified as follows: Food, Shelter, Operating Expenses, Clothing, Higher life or advancements, Savings. It is the purpose of this thesis to deal with the first four classes of the group, namely food, shelter, operating expenses and clothing, not with the idea that they make complete lifing, but that they comprise the necessaries of life and the last two occupy more or less the region of choice...