The Winnipeg formation in Manitoba

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Macauley, George
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The Winnipeg formation is the lowermost Ordovician formation in Manitoba. It is underlain by Precambrian rocks and overlain by the Ordovician Red River formation. The Winnipeg formation outcrops along a narrow band on the shores and islands of Lake Winnipeg, which forms part of the trade and travel route of the early settlers and explorers of Manitoba. Thus the Winnipeg formation, generally exposed as sandstone cliffs, has been on view from the time of the voyageur to the present. Early geological parties did not fail to examine the Winnipeg formation in its outcroppings along the lake, but their attentions were centered on the overlying more fossiliferous, and, at first appearance, more interesting Red River limestone rather than on the Winnipeg formation. Although the sandstone sections along the lake have been described several times, and some fossils have been collected and identified, the information has always been presented in minor sections of reports dealing with the Red River formation. Consequently no detailed study of the Winnipeg formation has yet been made, and no reports have been published concerning it alone. This paper attempts to organize, enlarge upon and interpret the existing information...