I. Quantitative inheritance in tomato fruits, A preliminary record of the lichens of Manitoba

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Scott, Ida Kirk
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I. Quantitative Inheritance in Tomato Fruits Not a great deal of work has been done on the inheritance of size in tomatoes. The following brief reviews summarize what are, as far as can be ascertained, the most important papers on the subject. The earliest paper considered is that of Price and Drinkard which deals with inheritance of shape and color of fruit, and foliage characters... II. A Preliminary Record of the Lichens of Manitoba The following list comprises over seventy lichens which have been collected in different parts of Manitoba. There has been up to the present no published information concerning the lichens which are to be found in the province, and it was thought advisable to make this preliminary record even though it must represent only a small percentage of the large number that most probably occur, The collection has ?een made by the writer during the last three years and permanent specimens of each are now in the herbarium of the University. The various localities are fairly representative of the different parts of the province and include: Indian Bay, which is in southeastern Manitoba, Victoria Beach, Carberry, Treesbank, Norway House, and all the districts in the vicinity of Winnipeg...The genera are listed in alphabetical order, not according to the families to which they belong. This seemed the wiser plan in view of the incompleteness of the list A short description of the macroscopic characters of each lichen is given, together with a short ecological note.