An analysis of the financial operations and organizational characteristics of four co-operative creameries in Manitoba

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Nicholson, Raymond Calvin
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Although co-operative marketing activities have continued to expand in Manitoba only limited information is available concerning the co-operative and financial characteristics of many of the local type co-operatives. The purpose of this study was to delve into the operations of four local co-operative creameries and outline their co-operative and financial characteristics. Consideration was given to the presence or absence of co-operative principles and business standards which are considered essential for success. Chapters II to V contain a review of co-operative development, laws and principles, an outline of creamery marketing functions and a description of the procedures followed in the analysis. The four co-operatives are outlined in chapters VI to IX. In the review of each co-operative consideration was given to special By-laws, type and financial results of operations, financial structure, equity accumulation and membership relations and support...