A study of the sulphides and oxides of the nickel-copper deposits of Lynn Lake, Manitoba

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Dornian, Nicholas
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The original discovery of the nickel-copper deposits of Lynn Lake, Manitoba, was made in 1941 by Sherritt-Gordon Mines Ltd. The discovery, made public in 1945, aroused intense interest and activity in the area and resulted in a new mining centre in the Precambrian. This report consists of a brief introductory account of the Lynn Lake area in connection with a more detailed study of the mineralogy of the ore deposits and the heavy accessory minerals of the associated intrusive... The original discovery of nickel and copper sulphides in the Lynn Lake area was made in 1941 by Austin McVeigh prospecting for Sherritt-Gordon Mines Ltd. The discovery was not made public until 1945. When released, this information aroused extensive interest and activity in the area... Sherritt-Gordon holds all property on which sulphide deposits of any commercial importance have been located. An extensive geophysical and diamond drilling program carried out by this company located a total of five ore bodies concentrated in a relatively small area near the original discovery (map in pocket). To date more than 13 million tons of nickel-copper ore have been proved... Theoretical studies of the Lynn Lake ore deposits are very limited in comparison with the extensive literature available on better known ore deposits of this type such as Sudbury. This is partially due to the fact that the exploration and development of the Lynn Lake ore deposits occurred within the last five years....