A development plan for the University of Manitoba

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Spotowski, Walter Joseph
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Why is a development plan for the University of Manitoba needed? This question might best be answered by comparing the growth of our cities and towns in Canada with the growth of our Canadian Colleges and Universities since the war. Let us first consider the problems of congestion and rapid expansion of our cities. What has been done to alleviate these conditions in our Canadian cities? Until very recently nothing has been done. Our cities have been expanding with very little foresite to the future. Realizing the dangers of uncontrolled development our larger cities, like Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver, have established in their organizations, planning departments of one sort or another in an endeavour to promote sensible development and to correct mistakes that have been made in the past. Many larger cities, like London, New York and Chicago, have found that the costs of correcting mistakes, some of which could have been avoided by planning in the past, are very great. Although the planning of university campii is perhaps not as important or complex as the planning of city or town, there is, however, a need for future planning to prevent expansion that might prove impractical or costly in the future. A number of our universities have been built within cities or cities have incompassed them in such a manner that their expansion will involve the purchase of expensive property. It is fortunate that the University of Manitoba will not be faced with this problem. Owning much land vicinal to the Fort Garry campus, the University of Manitoba will be able to expand its facilities without encountering this problem. The University of Manitoba does, however, need to be planned with an eye to the future as its facilities will have to be expanded in the near future to accomodate a greater number of students as well as a greater number of facilities. This thesis will endeavour to suggest a practical and sensible development plan that will guide future development. It is important for the administration to realize that this development plan should be revised as often as future expansion warrants such revision.