The geology of a part of the California Lake Area, Manitoba

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Moorhouse, Michael David
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The location, topographic character, and general geology of the California Lake Area are described. Five types of granitic rocks are recognized, petrographic details are described, and age relations postulated. The name "Semple Lake series" is given to a belt of sedimentary and volcanic rocks found in the southern part of the area. Rock types found in the series include acidic and basic lavas, greywacke, tuff, agglomerate, and conglomerate. Petrographic descriptions are given and the rocks are found to be in the epidote-amphibolite facies of regional metamorphism. The significance of the conglomerates is discussed, and an attempt is made to correlate the Semple Lake series with similar rocks found outside the map area. The Baker Lake series lying in the east-central part of the area is described. Rock types present are altered basic lavas and greywackes, which are in the plagioclase-amphibolite facies of regional metamorphism....