A study of leisure-time services for senior citizens in Winnipeg with an account of a guided group experience in recreation for the aged in the CPR-Notre Dame area

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Kelly, Margaret Mary Louise
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One of the outstanding phenomena of the twentieth century, particularly from the point of view of those concerned with welfare, is a growing awareness of the needs and problems of the senior population, those over sixty-five years of age. As this population increases in volume, problems relating to employment, health, housing and recreation can increase in direct proportion, and are receiving a great deal of attention as a result of the concern of government officials, both elected and employed, medical practioners, professional social workers, and volunteers. Following a summary of the present situation and its causes and effects with reference to the social and emotional needs of the aged, it is the intention of this thesis to study and evaluate leisure-time services available to the senior population in the Winnipeg area. A report will be made on a questionnaire survey sent ot a group of churches in Winnipeg as well as on clubs providing leisure-time services for the aged. There will also be an account of a model project undertaken in a neighborhood house, with special emphasis on the role of volunteers and a comparative study of the difference in focus and service when no professional guidance is given and when professionally trained and supervised personnel is provided. It is hoped that an account of study and an evaluation of experience in this field will result in a contribution toward an understanding of some of the factors involved in provision of organized recreation services for senior citizens.