Studies on the biology of the Manitoba Jack pine scale Toumeyella sp. (Coccidae homoptera)

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Rabkin, Fred Baillie
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Personal attempts to classify the insect concerned in these studies failed to place it under any previously described species. Samples sent to Dr. Morrison at Washington, D. C. were identified as Toumeyella sp. Dr. Morrison stated that he was "unable to match the specimens exactly with any of the named species of the genus which are represented in our collection." The writer found a marked resemblance to the Scotch pine scale, Toumeyella numismaticum P. & McD. It was felt that the Manitoba insect should be included under the above species, but this was not possible on the basis of existing taxonomic keys. The writer was reluctant to create a new species and further confuse the existing literature on the group... In that this paper is primarily concerned with the economic and biological aspect of the Manitoba insect, no attempt has been made toward a systematic revision of the group. For the sake of convenience, however, the name Manitoba Jack Pine Scale, Toumeyella sp. has been applied in this paper, with reservations as to the appropriateness of the name.