Effect of green manures and organic amendments on Verticillium wilt of potato in Manitoba

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Molina, Oscar Ivan
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In Manitoba, potato fields have been found to be infested with Verticillium dahliae, which can produce Vertcillium wilt disease severity of up to 90% and reduce yield. Potato producers have then an increased interest on use of green manures and organic amendments to control Verticillium wilt. The objectives of this research were to evaluate selected green manure and organic amendments for their ability to reduce propagule density of V. dahliae in soil, incidence and severity of Verticillium wilt, and to enhance potato yield in Manitoba. In addition, a second study was conducted for the purpose of studying the potential of mustard green manure and seed meal to inhibit the germination of microsclerotia. Findings suggest that composted-cattle-manure and oriental mustard seed-meal amendments have promise as an alternative strategy for the control of V. dahliae. However, only composted beef cattle manure reduced disease, increased potato yield and improved nutrient availability (P) in soil
Potato, Verticillium dahliae, Organic amendments, Disease Control, Soil borne pathogens, Manitoba, Compost, Green manure