Fuel Consumption and Emissions of Turnpike Doubles in the Canadian Prairie Region

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Baumgartner, Thomas Peter
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This research analyzes fuel consumption and emissions of Turnpike double trailer combinations (Turnpikes) on a regional network in the Canadian Prairies. The research: (1) establishes current benchmarks for fuel consumption of Turnpikes and five-axle tractor semitrailers (3-S2s) with van trailers; (2) develops fuel consumption models for these vehicle types; (3) establishes an understanding of current operating characteristics of Turnpikes in the region; and (4) estimates their system-wide effects in terms of fuel consumption and emissions in Manitoba by applying the developed models. Canadian Prairie region-based carriers revealed an increase in Turnpike travel (from 2007-2009) of 44 percent after the twinning of the Trans-Canada Highway between Winnipeg and Regina in 2007 was completed. Turnpikes can save one third of fuel consumed when compared to 3-S2s; have higher fuel consumption in the winter months; and their use in 2009 reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by five percent compared to 3-S2s.
fuel consumption, emissions, freight, Turnpike Double, energy use, greenhouse gases, heavy truck, network, weigh scale, weight, cube, weigh in motion, regulation, technology, initiatives, productivity
Baumgartner, T., Regehr, J.D., and Montufar, J. (2010). Fuel Consumption and Carbon Emissions of Turnpike Doubles in Manitoba. CD-ROM proceedings of the 2010 Annual Conference of the Transportation Association on Canada. Halifax, NS.