The effect of interaction on preferences in white Peking ducklings (Anas patyrhynchos)

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Germain, Sarah M.
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The purpose of the current set of experiments was to investigate the interaction component of avian attachment behaviour. The latter is viewed as the outcome of several components, all of which potentially interact with each other. In these experiments, the visual, brood size, animate vs. inanimate, and familiarity components of avian attachment behaviour were held constant so that the effects of interaction were evaluated unambiguously. The results for Time 1 (T1) yielded various results for both Condition A (Interaction with the other species/breed) and B (Interaction with same species/breed). For T2 (Condition A), the four Experiments yielded various results. For T2 (Condition B), the four Experiments yielded consistent results. When experimental subjects interacted with their own species/breed (white Peking duckling), the preference for their own species/breed (white Peking ducklings) increased while the preference for the other species/breed (domestic chicks or mallard ducklings) decreased. In Experiment 3 and Experiment 4, there was a complete reversal of preference from T1 to T2.
psychology, interaction, avian, attachment, imprinting