Le 9e: an adaptive re-activation of the former Eaton's Ninth Floor Restaurant as an Art Déco microtopia

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McCallan-Malamatenios, James
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Canadian Art Déco sites are often in jeopardy to make way for newer developments. The state of the former Eaton’s Ninth Floor Restaurant is of particular concern, especially in regards to its iconic design and nearly total erasure due to drastic re-development activities. By a practice of interior design, research and design explorations are co-ordinated to contextualize the site and its circumstances. The Ninth Floor is adaptively reactivated as an Art Déco microtopia known as Le 9e. New museum theory and practices are overlapped with critical art to direct the site’s purpose and programming. An approach of bricolage guides the implementation of re-design strategy and conservation processes to craft interior realms that are as much ideological as they are corporeal. Part museum, part commercial enterprise, and even part activist, Le 9e operates as both a social and analytical epicentre in its promotion of Art Déco education and conservation.
architecture, interior design, microtopia, bricolage