The role of language and academic literacy in the success of generation 1.5 students at two Canadian universities

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Denchuk, Antoanela
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In Canada, the generation 1.5 university student demographic is just beginning to become noteworthy of research. Several quantitative studies on the adjustment of the children of immigrants in university exist, but qualitative research is scarce. This thesis aimed to reveal the voices and experiences of nine generation 1.5 youth who experienced the university system in Canada. In addition, it aimed to survey the language and literacy programming at three Winnipeg post secondary institutions. Methodologically, multiple case study research design, supplemented by archival research analysis were used. The findings from in-depth interviews show that participants were challenged in meeting the demands of some tasks that required proficiency in CALP. The institutional programming survey showed that two of the institutions provide language programming for newcomers, while one of the three institutions does not appear to provide programming that supports the unique needs of ESL/EAL G1.5 students. Recommendations for improved educational services and further research are provided.
generation 1.5, university, language and literacy, ESL/EAL