A curriculum needs assessment of the Family Medicine Residency Program at the University of Manitoba

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Hamilton, Joanne
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The College of Family Physicians of Canada, responsible for accreditation of residency programs, prescribe ‘The Four Principles of Family Medicine’ and the 27 competencies derived from them, as the curricular framework for Canadian family medicine residencies. The literature reveals little about the development of the Four Principles of Family Medicine. This study was conducted to determine the degree to which each competency was considered relevant to clinical practice and learned by recent graduates of the University of Manitoba Family Medicine program. For the 27 competencies, the ratings of graduates were similar to those of family medicine experts as the competencies were generally viewed as moderately important and frequently used. Graduates reported being well prepared in most of the competencies. This supports the use of the Four Principles of Family Medicine as a curricular framework for family physician trainees in Canada.
Medical Education, Education, Residency Training, Family Medicine, Program Evaluation