Adaptation and habitat selection during the migration of an Arctic anadromous fish, Broad Whitefish (Coregonus nasus (Pallas 1776))

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Martin, Zoya
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Broad Whitefish are an anadromous Arctic fish species in the Mackenzie River Valley, N.W.T. that undergo extensive spawning migrations to spawning grounds located on tributaries of the Mackenzie River, like the Arctic Red River. These spawning migrations occur annually between mid-October and early November as demonstrated with catch-per-unit-effort. The maturity stage development of Broad Whitefish is can be predicted by using the variables by gonad-weight and timing of migration for both female and male Broad Whitefish; however, male Broad Whitefish maturity stage also requires the variable abundance for prediction. At the time of Broad Whitefish migration the river environment has slow flowing water as documented by current profiles. The water velocity speeds present in the river at the time of migration are not a barrier to Broad Whitefish migration as Broad Whitefish can swim against water velocities 4 to 10 times higher. This research contributes important life history, migrating characteristic and swimming ability information to the knowledge of Broad Whitefish in the Mackenzie River System.
Broad, Whitefish, Habitat, Selection