Craniofacial growth and development in the Roebuck sample

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Symchych, Natalie
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The purpose of this research is to better understand the health of the Roebuck Iroquois population through the study of the growth of its children. Four avenues of osteological analysis are employed to investigate this topic: the comparison of craniofacial measurements to dental age, comparison of craniofacial measurements with one another, assessment of fluctuating asymmetry, and comparisons to other populations. The Roebuck subadults demonstrated a pattern of craniofacial growth consistent with the pattern for a normal, healthy child. Growth spurts in the craniofacial complex were more difficult to observe and interpret than spurs in the long bones. Fluctuating asymmetry was not found in any of the bilateral measurements, indicating that any stress experienced by the Roebuck subadults during development was not great enough to have a detectable impact on cranial symmetry. Roebuck appeared to be similar in size and growth to two other populations with similar subsistence strategies and diets.
physical anthropology, osteology, growth, Iroquois, health