A study of the geometric and algebraic sewing operations

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Penfound, Bryan
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The sewing operation is an integral component of both Geometric Function Theory and Conformal Field Theory and in this thesis we explore the interplay between the two fields. We will first generalize Huang's Geometric Sewing Equation to the quasi-symmetric case. That is, given specific maps g(z) and f^{-1}(z), we show the existence of the sewing maps F_{1}(z) and F_{2}(z). Second, we display an algebraic procedure using convergent matrix operations showing that the coefficients of the Conformal Welding Theorem maps F(z) and G(z) are dependent on the coefficients of the map phi(z). We do this for both the analytic and quasi-symmetric cases, and it is done using a special block/vector decomposition of a matrix representation called the power matrix. Lastly, we provide a partial result: given specific maps g(z) and f^{-1}(z) with analytic extensions, as well as a particular analytic map phi(z), it is possible to provide a method of determining the coefficients of the complementary maps.
algebraic sewing, geometric sewing, conformal field theory, geometric function theory, convergent matrix operations