Close world-system encounters on the western/central Canadian Arctic periphery: long-term historic Copper Inuit-European and Eurocanadian intersocietal interaction

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Johnson, Donald
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This study examines long-term direct and indirect Historic Copper Inuit-European and European intersocietal interaction in the western/central Canadian Arctic periphery. Utilizing theoretical perspectives deriving from World-System Theory and moderate relativist orientations, and, embracing ethnographic, ethnohistorical and archaeological methodologies, the historic process by which the Historic Copper Inuit living externally to the modern capitalist World-System, came into contact with and were gradually incorporated within this expanding global system of interconnected states is examined. The process leading to the ultimate incorporation of the Historic Copper Inuit within the World-System is scrutinized through chronological stages and, utilizing two-views; the perspective of the Historic Copper Inuit mediating the penetration of the World-System, and through a perspective based on World-System orientations.
Copper Inuit, Arctic, Royal Navy, World-System, Ulukhaktok, Archaeology, H.M.S. Enterprise, H.M.S. Investigator, Anthropology, Exploration
Johnson, Donald S. (2005) Interlude at Winter Cove: Mid-19th Century Copper Inuit - European Intersocietal Interaction, Walker Bay, Victoria Island. In Proceedings 14th Inuit Studies Conference, The Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, 2005 117-135.
Johnson, Donald S. (2004) 19th Century Copper Inuit - European Intersocietal Interaction. In Aboriginal Cultural Landscapes, Oakes, J., Rick Riewe, et. al. eds. Aboriginal Issues Press, Winnipeg, 244-257.