Electron scattering from laser-excited Ba-138 and Yb-174

This thesis describes the experimental study of electron scattering processes from laser-excited barium and ytterbium atoms. These include the electron-impact ionization-excitation from Ba (...6s6p) 1P1 and Ba (...6s5d) 1,3D1,2 to Ba+ (...6p) 2P3/2, the elastic electron scattering from Ba (...6s6p) 1P1 and Ba (...6s5d) 1,3D1,2, and the electron-impact excitation from Yb (...6s6p) 3P1 to Yb (...6s7s) 3S1, Yb (...6s6p) 1P1, and Yb (...6s5d) 3D1,2,3. The experiments utilized electron impact energies in the range of 5 eV to 50 eV. Differential and integral scattering cross sections were determined, and are presented both on absolute and relative scales. By controlling the laser polarization, alignment and orientation parameters characterizing the scattering processes were determined. Additionally, the barium ionization-excitation study observed polarization dependencies of ion line emission fluorescence for radiative decay from Ba+ (...6p) 2P3/2 to Ba+ (...6s) 2S1/2, providing information about the final ionic state composition. Along with experimental measurements of electron-atom collisions, this thesis describes the design and development of a computer-controlled data acquisition system and a laser frequency stabilization system.
electron, scattering, laser, atomic, collisions, experimental