Finite element analysis of glass fiber reinforced polymer bridge decks

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Zhang, Cheng
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Deterioration of concrete bridge decks has become a serious problem in the past few decades. Fortunately, non-corrosive, light-weight Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) material provides an excellent alternative. More than 117 bridges in the USA have been built or repaired with FRP. In Canada, no FRP bridge deck has been used in the field, yet. However, Wardrop Engineering Inc., Faroex Ltd., and ISIS Canada have successfully designed, manufactured, and patented the filament-wound Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) bridge deck. Since there is no design code for FRP bridge decks, a finite element method, labeled “L&D”, is proposed in this thesis to help bridge engineers better understand the structural behavior of FRP bridge decks. The L&D method is validated by comparing the analysis results with the experimental results of three filament-wound GFRP bridge decks. This L&D method is also applicable for analyzing FRP bridge decks manufactured by other processes.
Finite element analysis, Fiber reinforced polymer, Bridge deck, Linear analysis model, Delamination analysis model