The experiences and needs of young people with FASD: silenced voices from youth in care

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Chatterley-Gonzalez, Allison
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This research explores the experiences and needs of five young people with FASD in care. Data was gathered through personal interviews with youth in care, guided by an anti-oppressive research philosophy. The findings suggest that youth in care with FASD experience a myriad of challenges throughout their journeys in care with regard to placements, caregivers, and the transition to adulthood for which the impact for young people was difficult to understand. The high degree of secondary disabilities of FASD was found to be alarming in this group of young people. The study also found that those with more of an awareness of their disability had the capacity to speak to some of their support needs. All of the youth revealed strengths within themselves and reported having goals and dreams for their futures. A number of recommendations, which include input from participants, are highlighted, with the intention of providing some suggestions for best practice with our young people with FASD in care and policy changes within the systems working with this population.
youth in care, FASD