Validation of the English-Language Pelvic Floor Inventories Leiden (PelFIs) Administered Questionnaire

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Berzuk, Kelli
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Purpose: To accurately and precisely evaluate the validity and reliability of the English-language Pelvic Floor Inventories (PelFIs) administered questionnaire. Participants: Fifty female patient volunteers (ages 24 to 82 years) plus fifty female control volunteers (ages 21 to 83 years) completed the 149-item questionnaire. Results: Construct validity of the English-language PelFIs was established by quantifying the differences in prevalence of pfm dysfunction between the patient population and the control population. Very significant findings of F=10.83, p<0.0001 were found for the document as a whole. Content validity was attained by experts, and additional information gathered for further improvement of this tool. Test-retest reliability for all domains was established with ICC=0.905 and no significant differences were found between time-one and time-two. Internal consistency was obtained with significant Pearson's Correlation noted between the domains. The prevalence of co-occurrence of pfm disorders with patients presenting for treatment of a single pfm dysfunction was quantified and 100% of the patients reported symptoms in domains additional to the domain they sought treatment for. The presence of pfm dysfunction was also quantified in the control population and 94% were found to display symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction. Conclusions: The English-language PelFIs was shown to be valid and reliable. Co-occurrence of pfm dysfunction was found to be highly prevalent.
Prevalence of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Pelvic Floor Function Questionnaire