Connecting people, food & place: sustaining community, identity, and well-being through a multisensory, local food centre

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Shwaluk, Janine
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This interior design project involves investigation into the philosophies of the Slow Food Movement and how they may inspire and inform the design of a social space that fosters a connection between local people, food and place. This socio-cultural connection is implemented through the design of a concentrated, local food centre within the urban environment of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Investigation into interior design strategies which foster social interaction, taste education and sensory engagement contribute to the design of a space where the local food culture of southern Manitoba can be experienced in its authenticity. By combining the public spaces of food which contribute to the contemporary streetscape, with those that exist within the interior environment, this local food centre design aims to promote local identity and facilitate multisensory social engagement that sustains relationships, community, and the environment over time.
Interior Design, Slow Food Movement, Local identity, Community, Multisensory experience, Market