Theatre as a metaphor for guerilla retail: using retail to create connections

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Sosa Fontaine, Andrea
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The practicum explores 21st century retail design, with a specific focus on the emerging typology of guerilla retail. Through methodologies and performance theory from theatre, guerilla retail design is examined. The project was developed to explore a current disconnect that exists between producer and consumer. This disconnect has arisen out of a number of factors including, the geographical distance between producer and consumer and the lack of information provided to consumers about products. Ideas and theories from various forms of Guerilla theatre are examined to enhance the experience of the retail environment, creating a deeper emotional connection to the product, consumer, producer and act of shopping. A retail model is explored in three different sites to demonstrate the versatility. Through low construction cost, quick assembly and the strong impact of experience, this guerilla retail model aids these producers to survive in the midst of a globalized world.
Retail, Interior Design, Guerilla, Temporary, Mobile, Fair trade, Theatre