Consumers of indigenous Canadian Aboriginal textile crafts

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Steinberger, Vera
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The purpose of this research was to develop profiles of consumers of Aboriginal textile craft by examining their demographic characteristics, their acquisition practices, the criteria they used to assess their Aboriginal textile craft, what made the craft special, and what purpose did it serve. Also explored was the importance of authenticity and its meaning from the perspective of the craft consumers. The sample consisted of 30 participants, 24 women and six men. Data were collected through personal interviews and a pen-and-paper questionnaire using both open-ended and close-ended questions. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, content analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis. Four consumer profiles were revealed: Support for Aboriginal Crafters, Pragmatic, Kinesthetic, and Heritage. By comparing the findings of this study with other research on ethnic textile craft consumers, there was strong evidence to support there are similarities in the demographics of textile craft consumers, criteria they used when buying, and purpose served by the ethnic textile craft. Recommendations were made for the Aboriginal crafters with respect to product development and promotion of their textile crafts.