The residential mobility of Manitoba seniors : developing a comprehensive typology

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Spiers, Karlee
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Despite the fact that seniors primarily make local moves, most research has focused on long distance or interprovincial migration. This thesis addresses the lack of intraprovincial and intraurban research and develops a typology of seniors' residential mobility. Secondary analyses were conducted on data collected by the Canadian Aging Research Network (CARNET) in 1991/1992. Personal interviews vrere conducted with a sample of 1406 Manitobans aged 65 and over. Half of the sample resided in eight nonmetropolitan sites, and half were from one metropolitan site. Cross-tabulations and logistic regressions compared selected sociodemographic characteristics, life cycle events and reasons for moving among seniors with metropolitan versus nonmetropolitan destinations, and with inner city versus suburban destinations. Three types of moves, based on the destinations of moves, were identified: nonmetropolitan moves, suburban moves, and inner city moves. This thesis demonstrates the importance of using research instruments designed specifically to examine residential mobility and provides guidelines for policy and service provision for older movers with differing mobility destinations.