The public career of Stuart Garson : the Manitoba years

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Vajcner, Mark Eric
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This political biography of Stuart Garson proposes to examine his career from his election to the Manitoba Legislature in 1927 to his departure from Manitoba politics in 1948 when he entered the federal cabinet as Minister of Justice. The major emphasis will be placed on the period from January 1943 to November 1948 when Garson served as the Premier of Manitoba. Very little work in this area of Manitoba history has been done and virtually nothing has been written concerning Stuart Garson. This thesis will thus extend the boundaries of knowledge by providing a brief biography of a little known Premier and the situation in the province in his time. The method used shall be to piece together a picture of the Manitoba government in the five years from 1943 to 1948 by use of archives, newspapers, and primary and secondary published material. The focus shall be on political history but the role of political thought, particularly in the area of federal-provincial relations, shall also be examined.