Hudson Bay Railway: an eco-industrial approach to arctic infrastructures

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Speirs, Christopher William Georg
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In the spring of 2017, collapsing land as a result of permafrost thaw in addition to major flooding, completely destroyed multiple sections of track along the Hudson Bay Railway, ceasing rail operations and leaving many northern Manitoba communities isolated. The Hudson Bay Railway is the only land all-season access to many communities, with the remaining communities only having seasonal winter-road access. For nearly two years the rail line was inactive, desperately needing significant upgrades and repairs. Late in autumn of 2018, the rail line was finally repaired and operating once again, bringing joy to northern communities. The question remains, for how long? If the Hudson Bay Railway were to remain lifeless, how does that fair for communities that refer to the rail line as their 'lifeline'? Long facing the challenges of arctic terrain and adequate funding, this practicum re-imagines what the Hudson Bay Railway is by proposing a regional rail network throughout northern Manitoba, technically designed to be resilient against environmental challenges and remain dependable for generations of communities.
Hudson Bay Railway, infrastructure, environmental, technical, northern Manitoba, Landscape Architecture, regional planning