Gathering Research: ​ ​ Why all librarians should care about systematic reviews

Requests for librarian support of systematic reviews, and other knowledge synthesis research, are growing, and increasingly these requests are coming from outside the traditional realm of the health sciences. In this panel, we will hear from 3 research teams who have examined librarian support of systematic reviews in the social sciences, sciences, and humanities. Attendees will have the chance to hear about this research methodology where librarian input and expertise can be highly valued and rewarding, but is not without its challenges. Panellists will share insights from their teams' research findings, and provide a brief overview of what systematic reviews are, before diving into conversation. The panel will include discussions around which subject areas, such as business, psychology, education, engineering, or environmental sciences, are increasingly doing this kind of work and what they are getting right (and wrong!). Learn about common misconceptions about systematic reviews and what is needed for successful collaborations between librarians and researchers or students. We will talk about what lessons can be adapted from health, and discuss the inherent differences in disciplines that require the creation of new standards and processes. Learning Objectives: Outline the potential ways they could support systematic reviews at their own institution Identify common misconceptions around conducting systematic reviews List resources, frameworks, and protocols suitable for librarian support of systematic reviews in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences
Systematic Reviews, knowledge synthesis, librarian support