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    • Older driver estimates of driving exposure compared to in-vehicle data in the Candrive II study 

      Porter, Michelle M.; Smith, G.A.; Cull, A.W.; Myers, A.M.; Bedard, M.; Gelinas, I.; Mazer, B.; Marshall, S.C.; Naglie, G.; Rapoport, M.J.; Tuokko, H.A.; Vrkljan, B.H. (Taylor and Francis, 2015-01)
      OBJECTIVE: Most studies on older adults' driving practices have relied on self-reported information. With technological advances it is now possible to objectively measure the everyday driving of older adults in their own ...
    • Speeding and Speed Modification of Older Drivers: Does Vehicle Type Make a Difference? 

      Cull, A.W.; Porter, M.M.; Nakagawa, S.; Smith, G.A.; Rapoport, M.J.; Marshall, S.C.; Bedard, M.; Tuokko, H.; Vrkljan, B.; Naglie, G.; Myers, A.M.; Mazer, B. (2020-09)
      The purpose of this study was to examine whether vehicle type based on size (car vs. other = truck/van/SUV) had an impact on the speeding, acceleration, and braking patterns of older male and female drivers (70 years and ...