Nostre parc: alternate plan for Dr. Lluch Park in El Cabanyal, Valencia

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Garcia, Heber
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El Cabanayal neighbourhood in Valencia, Spain, has fought for over 100 years to remain on Spain’s coast. Founded circa 1421, this fishing neighbourhood has withstood Valencia City Hall’s attempt to bisect it on several occasions, most recently in a publicized battle in 2009. With a new political party in control and a new regeneration plan in place, neighbours in El Cabanyal once again are getting together to fight against yet another new plan. These ongoing legal battles show the resiliency and the rich social cohesion of this community. This practicum proposes an alternate plan to regenerate El Cabanyal’s largest park, Dr. Lluch park, which is supposed to be heavily altered and reduced in size with the newest regeneration plan. The proposed alternate plan aims to utilize the strong sense of civic duty that is ingrained in El Cabanyal to allow local actors to take ownership of specific areas of the park. In an attempt to showcase what could be accomplished if people’s voices are heard.
Landscape Architecture, Park, Regeneration, Alternate plan