The Winnipeg Boutique Business Hotel – a high tech facility fostering collaborative business networking

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Khan, Muhammad Jahangir
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Many industries have benefited from advancements made in technology. Online meetings, working from home, communicating via email have reduced cost, saved time, and created opportunities for business people to optimize their infrastructure and time. Despite having all the remote and online options available at ease, nothing can replace in-person meetings. Hotels are not only a place to stay but can have a multitude of functionalities. They can hold dedicated spaces that accommodate the business community’s needs, such as meeting rooms and conference centres. Some hotels are based on a specific theme to serve a particular audience. Business hotels are specifically designed to support the business community. These hotels are equipped with dedicated and spontaneous spaces so that business conversations can initiate from anywhere within the hotel. Despite having dedicated spaces, all other common areas like lobbies, restaurants also possess potential where participants can discuss a business venture. This interior design practicum focuses on a boutique business hotel in downtown Winnipeg that will invite business communities locally and internationally and will promote Manitoba’s existing business infrastructure. The proposed boutique hotel is located at 230 Main Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The province has a diverse range of industries and contributes to Canada’s economy. Manitoba has experienced stable economic growth and has one of Canada’s lowest unemployment rates (Manitoba, n.d). Looking at Manitoba’s positive business indicators, this practicum project explores how people associated with various industries established in the province can be brought together to discover and create new business opportunities that benefit the province of Manitoba and beyond.
Manitoba Character, Business Networking, Discovery and Creation, Business Hotel, Network Hospitality, Boutique Hotel, Interior Design, Hotel Design, Hospitality, Fortune Building, Networking, Winnipeg