Hana and the wishing tree

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Bound, Jessica Grace
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Life as a wingless faerie isn’t easy—especially in the town of Smallhollow, where Hana is picked on by her classmates simply because she is different. Determined to stay as far away from school as possible, Hana ventures deep into the forest beyond the mushroom border and discovers the location of the Wishing Tree—a legendary creature with the magical ability to grant even the most impossible of wishes. Hana convinces the Tree’s guardian to let her inside, but events do not go as planned, and she soon finds herself in conflict with her own severed shadow. In order to prevent her vengeful double from wreaking havoc on the creatures of Smallhollow, Hana must come to terms with her life’s experience in a way that she has never done before—a process that involves learning to embrace her bodily difference as much as it does her shadow. Inspired by the author’s own lived experience with bullying related to hair loss, the story is both honest and heartfelt in its portrayal of how lonely it can feel to be different; but just like Hana learns on her adventure, there is healing to be found in the power of self- acceptance, and it starts with owning your story.
Creative thesis, Creative writing, Fiction, Fantasy, Young adult, Mental health, Disability studies, Bodily difference