Identifying Barriers for Implementing an Early Childhood Caries Risk Assessment Tool for Non-Dental Primary Care Providers

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Sheth, Darsh Nilesh
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Purpose: The purpose of this project was to determine barriers to the implementation of a caries risk assessment tool for non-dental primary care providers. This project aimed to identify necessary requirements for practitioners to reduce the incidence of early childhood caries in the population. Methods: 8 participants were recruited for this project, which consisted of physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians practicing in Manitoba. There were 2 focus groups and 1 interview session conducted on the virtual video communication platform Zoom, and 1 focus group session held in-person following COVID-19 protocols and restrictions. Results: Four themes were identified that related to barriers to implementation of a caries risk assessment tool: time, provider education, access to resources, and parental buy-in. Further breakdown of the themes included discussion on appointment slots, training, funding, and education respectively. Conclusion: All participants considered the caries risk assessment tool to be a great resource but further research needs to be conducted with larger sample sizes and additional professions to gain an additional understanding of barriers to implementation.
Early Childhood, Risk Assessment Tool, Non-Dental Primary Care, Care Providers, Barriers