An analysis of social policy : a case study of provincial housing policy and programs as they impacted on the homeless adult single woman in Winnipeg, 1982-1988

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Boyd, Sharon L.
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This study examined the impact of the Government of Manitoba's housing policy during the period 1982-1988 on a group of women identified as at-risk for homelessness. This group consisted of adult, single, women who were prostitutes, post-mentally ill, battered and/or of low-income. The study design is exploratory and descriptive in nature and was an attempt to provide a greater understanding of government housing policy as it addressed the issue of the lack of affordable housing for the target group. In an effort to determine the dominant forces which impacted on housing policy during this time, a systematic review of relevant documentation was undertaken as well as the completion of semi-structured interviews with both government and non-government key informants. The research determined that, except for battered women, the target group was virtually ignored in government housing policy. This was, in large part, attributed to the economically depressed climate of the time, limited government revenues, the actions of the federal government which strongly influenced policy through its legdislative and financial controls, and the generally low priority that this group was given by both government and non-government organizations. It was concluded that until such time as significant public pressure is brought to bear on government to improve the conditions of this group or until government deficits are brought under control, it is unlikely that this group of women will ever be given serious attention.