Storeveyor System Design

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Marcial, Emar
Scheurer, Max
Guillou, Trevor
Kozarchuk, Mikayla
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This report outlines the design of a conveyor storage system, known as a storeveyor, for the hash brown line in the McCain Foods Carberry plant. McCain requires a temporary storage system for frozen hash brown patties that holds patties for 15 minutes and then returns them to the production line. This design is intended to replace their current system, which stores hash browns in metal totes, breaking and deforming an unacceptable amount of product, which costs them money in wasted material and production time. The system outlined in this report features a storeveyor that has been sourced from Precision Food Industries. This storeveyor consists of a vibratory infeed that spreads product evenly across a conveyor, which slowly moves to hold the product on the conveyor until the delay time is complete, then reverses to discharge the patties onto a conveyor system that the team has designed to return the patties to the production line. The team has also designed a set of diverters that allow McCain staff to choose to have patties use the new system or the old system as desired. The client had three main objectives for this design: to reduce or eliminate the volume of product that is stored in metal totes, to reduce or eliminate damage to the product in the storage process, and to run without human interaction. This design accomplishes all three objectives by providing an alternative system to the tote system that features small drops and even distributions of product to prevent damage and runs entirely autonomously. The cost of this design was determined from preliminary quotes from vendors contacted for this project and is roughly estimated to be at maximum $900,000. Although the client is confident that this cost estimate will be lower upon further and more thorough consultation with the vendors. The project deliverables required by the client included a Bill of Materials, Critical Spares List, Engineering Drawings of the storeveyor, floor plan and elevation drawings of the layout, and a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis. These documents are included in this report.