UMSAE Aero Landing Gear Redesign

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Daniel, Quillan
Du, Jun Kai
Ozog, Stefan
Pelletier, Mathew
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Team 20 (Touchdown Inc.) was tasked with redesigning the current UMSAE landing gear. Research on the client needs allowed the team to develop a set of criteria to evaluate their designs. Touchdown Inc. then brainstormed and selected final design candidates for the new landing gear. After the concept screening the following designs were selected to undergo a more rigorous analysis:•Main Gear: -A solid link concept with a spanning axle -titanium flex plates •Nose Gear: -A solid fork -A U-flexural plate design After the analysis, the solid fork and solid link design proved to be the best choice for both the main landing gear and nose gear. For the main landing gear, the solid link design will be made out of 7075-T6 aluminum and will consists of a ¼” aluminum axle mounted to bent sheet metal that will then be attached underneath the fuselage of the aircraft. The main landing gear will have two struts that will extend above the wheels of the main landing gear. On the end of the struts, two servos will be mounted, with plastic levers attached to each servo. Upon landing, the servos will turn the levers onto the wheel, providing a braking mechanism for the aircraft. The nose gear is made out of aluminum 7075-T6 as well and will be mounted to the firewall of the aircraft through two plastic bushings. The wheels will be made out of aluminum 6061-T6 with a four spoke design being incorporated onto the main landing gear and a three spoke design onto the nose gear. The spoke width and rim thickness have been substantially reduced to conserve weight in the overall design. The wheel will have a dovetail on the outer rim that the polyurethane tread will be cast onto to provide additional bonding strength between the tread and the wheel. The old landing gear design weighted a total of approximately 1.245 [lbs]. The new design is only 0.605 [lbs] while introducing a new braking mechanism an improved bond geometry between the tread and the wheel. The landing gear can be manufactured in a similar manner to […]