Fan Deck Completion System

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Trenholm, Chris
Tam, Danny
Campbell, Sean
Klassen, Chris
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Streamline Systems was tasked by Duha Group to increase the automation and efficiency of the fan deck completion cell in the client’s Winnipeg manufacturing facility. Specifically, the team’s objective was to redesign the fan deck completion process, in order to achieve a throughput of 350 fan decks per hour with no more than six operators working in the cell. Duha Group has indicated a total project budget of $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 CAD, utilization of available power in the cell, and not exceeding the existing cell dimensions as the constraints of the project. The existing system requires 12 operators to achieve its maximum throughput of 200 fan decks per hour. Based on a provided operator cost of $20 per hour, and an assumed annual production of 1,000,000 fan decks, it was calculated that the current annual operating cost is $1,225,000.00 CAD. This annual operating cost includes 200 tooling changes for the switch over between the different fan deck styles and annual maintenance costs. The final design selected by Streamline Systems is comprised of four key manufacturing operations: Indexing System, Die Cutting, Post Installation, and Fan Deck Positioning System. The indexing system consists of a linear indexing conveyor. Die cutting operations modify and utilize die cutters currently owned by Duha Group. Post installation is carried out by a two stage Weber screw driving system. Fan deck positioning is accomplished using electronic actuators and a series of adjustable guides. All components are designed to work together through integration of a Programmable Logic Controller. The new fan deck completion system requires four operators to achieve a throughput of 350 fan decks per hour. Using the same annual production throughput as was utilized for the current system, the first year annual operation cost is $421,413.00 CAD. This first year cost includes the cost to purchase and automate the new equipment and materials, labour, maintenance, as well as 400 tooling changes to reflect the increased fan deck throughput. The cost to purchase the required equipment and materials for this proposed system is $145,413.00. While this is in excess of the initial budget provided by Duha […]