MDS AeroTest Lighting System

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Benga, Christine
Dela Rosa, Kysha
Rechik, Rob
Yeganeh, Hamidreza
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Our design team was tasked with providing MDS AeroTest (MDSAT) with a lighting solution for theirFan Waggle testingof a turbofan gas turbine engine: a test procedure which involveshigh-speed imagingof the test engine’s moving fan inlet, resulting in still images captured of the rotating fan blades. These images are used for analysis by the test engine OEM; therefore, clarity and image quality are of high importance. During this test, camera shutter speeds ofapproximately 10 microsecondsare used. Due to this limiting factor, we were constrained to using a light source that issufficiently flicker-freeand high intensity. In addition, there is an engine unsafe zonedefined by a 50 ft. radius from the engine facewhere no object can enter during the test. Currently,MDSAT uses natural light from the sun reflected offmirrors,which aremanually adjusted by MDSAT technicians to target the engine face.This solution was inconvenient as MDSAT had to wait for cloudless, sunny days to perform the testandconfiguration was time-consuming. Our team’sdesign resulted in two solutions: one solution used during the day, and the other solution used at night. The overall cost of the solution is approximately $116700.00 CAD.The day-time solution utilizes the H1 Heliostat from LightManufacturing, mounted to a custom mount structure:the PoleMount Structure. A heliostat is a computer controlled, autonomous reflector that continuously tracks the sun’s positions and adjusts the reflectorto always reflect light at a single target. A custom mirror profile wasdesigned by our team to be usedwiththe H1 Heliostat. The Pole Mount Structure is designed to be anchored into the concrete using fourstructural bolts and is adjustable up to 15 inches in height. In total, four heliostat assemblies are requiredto illuminate the desired regionson the engine inlet. The overall cost of this solution is approximately$19000.00 CAD.The night-time solution utilizes the Luminys SunSource 1500 Watt LED Luminaire: a light consisting of an array of highly focused, high intensity LED lights. ThePoleMount Structure is also designed to be utilized with the LED Light Assembly. The Luminys LED light is mounted to a custom mount called theLED Light Mountandis capable of dual-axis, adjustability. Four Luminys Dept. of Mechanical Eng.University of Manitobalights are required in order...