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Finley, Andrew
Delaquis, Sandrine
Adhikari, Aviskar
Sharma, Akshay
Sy, Erwin
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The Decor Cabinet Company approached the design team in order to design a system to capture the sealer dust during the blow off process intheir stain department. Decor Cabinets current blow off process blows dust into the ambient air,which is a health concern for the employees and disrupts other processes. The objective of this project is to design a system capable of collecting the dust from the blow off process and return the clean air into the room. The system must capture the dust while not disrupting the process and the employees, as well as keep up with the current cycle time of the process. The design teams met with the appropriatestakeholders at DecorCabinets and determined a list of needs for the project. The needs were then developed into target specifications, which were used to brainstorm concepts to achieve the objectives. The design team explored multiple options for achieving the objectiveswhile adhering to the constraints and limitations of the design scope. To acquire a better understanding of the needs of the system, the team did both internal and external research on different dust capturing systems. This research helped with the concept generation. From concept generation, 10 main concepts were generated, screened and narrowed down to the final concept. The final concept was called the Deluxe Concept, which was further designed to reach the final detailed design. The design team successfully designed a practical solution for Decor Cabinets that addresses the problem at the blow off process. The systemconsists of two dust capturing systems with slot opening hoods. The team decided to divide the system into two separate units to make manufacturingsimplerand also allow for smaller fans and motors for the units. The Green Heck BSQ 140, backward centrifugal fan-filter combination was selected to produce the required 2002 CFM for each unit. The key features of the capture unit include locking caster wheels and a flexible ducting section for mobility and access to all sides of the conveyor belt. The capture units contain two slots to capture dust from the table surface and above the surface. The top portion of the...