Design of an Automated Marking System for the CRV7 Motor

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Giraldo, Santiago Garcia
Harlow, Kevin
Valencerina, Joyce
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Magellan Aerospace tasked Ultra Sound Rocket Solutions with automating the marking process for the CRV7 motors. The team designed a semiYautomated machine that maintains the current operational procedures the client has in place. It also meets the requirements set out by the client during the project definition phase because it is safe to operate in an explosive environment, minimizes the cost of the marking process, and produces marked motors that meet the specifications required. The machine was designed to mark 350 motors in one shift with only one worker operating the machine. This is achieved by using a fourYstation rotary indexer and a turntable that holds four motors. This arrangement allows for loading and unloading, abrasion, degreasing, and marking operations to occur simultaneously within a takt time of 45 seconds. After the operator loads the motor, the turntable rotates to take the workpiece to the abrasion station where a pistonYpowered gantry lowers the abrasion assembly. A lead screw, powered by a highYtorque air motor, linearly actuates the abrasive pad along the motor. Next, the turntable rotates the motor to the degreasing station where controls similar to those in the abrasion assembly are used to position the degreasing assembly. Degreasing is performed by rotating cloth wheels which are saturated by methanol. A generic misting system with two nozzles is used to saturate the cloth wheels. The motors are marked by pad printing at the last station before the motor returns to the operator station to be unloaded. The cost of the machine’s components and hardware is $34,050, this is well below the budget of $70,500 that was based on a 14 month return on investment. Assembly and commissioning costs are not included in this cost. The sequencing of the machine along with CAD design files are provided to the client to adapt the design as required before implementation. The client will be responsible for developing a pneumatic logic circuit and manufacturing drawings.