An Evaluation of the Roadwise Review: A Mixed Methods Approach

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Porter, Michelle M.
Tuokko, Holly A.
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Traffic Injury Prevention
Objective: The objective of this mixed methods study was to perform an evaluation of the Roadwise Review CD-ROM (RWR), a self-screening tool for older drivers. Methods: Ninety-six older drivers (67 to 91) used the RWR with a research assistant at two different sites, and then completed written surveys (closed and open-ended questions) immediately after the session as well as two weeks later. In addition, RWR test results by these 96 older drivers were compared to the results of the original sample that was used to establish normative data for the RWR. Results: When test scores were evaluated, almost all participants (96%) were found to have at least one impairment. The rates of impairment varied dramatically between tests from 3% (visual acuity) to 75% (visual search). Several average test scores were found to be different from the original samples upon which the normative data were derived. Several factors were found that influenced these older drivers’ scores on the various components of the RWR, although the explanatory power was very low. Participants reported that the RWR was useful, they made changes to their driving, and talked to their family and friends about driving. Participants also provided many good suggestions for improvements of this tool. Conclusions: The RWR offers promise for older drivers to self-screen their ability to drive as well as provide education on safe driving, however modifications are recommended for this tool.
Aging, driver, self-regulation, screening
Michelle M. Porter & Holly A. Tuokko (2011) An Evaluation of the Roadwise Review: A Mixed Methods Approach, Traffic Injury Prevention, 12:5, 451-458, DOI: 10.1080/15389588.2011.601371